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Top 10 Handy Dish Washing Tips!

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Hand washing dishes is a very tiring and tedious task to do. Even if you have a dishwasher, it doesn’t mean you can prevent yourself from doing this. Did you know that there are lots of things that you should not put in the dishwasher? Things such as cast iron and non-stick pans, wooden cooking utensils, and etc. To know the complete list, watch the video below. You will also learn some dishwashing ideas and tips on how to do it very well.

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Sink Cleaning Secrets

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Considering the number of times you use the sink all day, you would think that it is somehow fairly clean. But you should take note that by just running down water in the sink doesn’t mean it will clean all the stains and removes all the bacteria in it. So it is very important that you sanitize! Sanitize it regularly since this is the place where you clean your kitchen utensils and all the things we use for cooking. To help you, here are some sink cleaning secrets for you to follow:

Recycling Projects DIY Room Decor

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Don’t know what to do with the pile of recyclable materials in your garage? Unleash your creativity and recreate something new and great using these stuff! There is so much that we can make out of the used plastic bottles, empty cans, shoe boxes, and etc. All you need is just a pair of scissors, glue, and other pretty crafts to add elegance to the overall design. The video below will give you some awesome ideas for your room decor. These are perfect for teenagers and moms out there who prefer recycling over buying new ones.

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