DIY Cute Cat Phone Dust Plug!

DIY Cute Cat Phone Dust Plug!DIY Cute Cat Phone Dust Plug!
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Phone dust plugs are really cute accessories. These adorable little things can help protect your smartphone’s headphone socket from dust… but to be honest, it is probably more of a way to add something fun to your phone. 😉

This DIY tutorial by makoccinos will teach you how to make your own phone dust plugs out of polymer clay!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Old, Broken Headphones or Phone Stoppers (for the plug part)
2. Sharp Scissors
3. Pliers
4. Polymer Clay
5. Exacto Knife
6. Set of Acrylic Paints
7. Fine Paint Brush
8. Strong Glue


1. It is a really cute tutorial but this might not be necessary for people who use their headphones often. 😉

2. Instead of a phone dust plug, you can also turn this into a phone accessory or even a pendant for your necklaces. All you have to do is to attach an eyelet before baking the polymer clay.

3. You can also use crystals instead of polymer clay. Get a phone stopper and use a strong glue to attach the crystal on the top of the plug and allow it to dry before using.

4. You can make a lot of things out of polymer clay. If you know someone who has a sweet tooth, you can make her favorite dessert in an inedible form! For example, you can make a slice of chocolate cake with icing. All you have to do is to use brown and white polymer clay. Shape the brown clay according to size and form it in a circle. Roll the edges to even it out. Once it’s done, take the white polymer clay and roll it out as thinly as possible. Wrap the brown “cake” with the white polymer clay. Cut a slice of it and then poke the sides of the “cake” with a toothpick to resemble a cake-like texture. Make tiny white spheres and place them next to each other to create the illusion of an icing decoration. You can also choose to top each ball of white “icing” with a tiny red ball to resemble cherries. Bake these slices of “cake” according to package instructions.

5. Brush the surface of your polymer creation with a clear lacquer so that it will have a beautiful sheen.

Ok, here is the video tutorial:

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