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We might not be enjoying the artistic magic that crayons bring if it weren’t for two almost forgotten gentlemen – Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith (the founders of Crayola). The exact origin of crayons is a little bit uncertain. Some people claim that ancient people used to have their own versions of crayons. It’s known that they mixed pigments derived from the natural materials around them and then use them to add color to certain drawings.

In 1903, Binney and Smith were able to produce consistently good quality and non-toxic crayons. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom of coloring our drawings!

We found a simple tutorial by Homemade By Jill that will teach you how to make molded crayons! The link follows after our comments and suggestions.


1. Safety first – this tutorial involves using heat (a double boiler) so parental supervision is essential. Don’t ever attempt it without the double boiler as the temperature will not be regulated and it may easily burn the wax – which may also create horrible smoke and possibly even a fire risk. Be 100% sure not to leave it unattended. Also, the hot wax will require careful handling for the obvious reason of not burning yourself…

2. If you have a box of broken or leftover crayons, you can reform them into something that your kids can use and enjoy. Sort by color and put similar colors together before melting.

3. If you want to be more artistic with your molded crayon, you can take some melted crayon wax of a different color, dip a fine brush in and start creating small details like the tires or the windows. You can keep the wax in a melted state by filling a bigger bowl with warm water and then place the smaller bowl inside. Make sure that the water doesn’t reach inside the smaller bowl.

4. For girls, you can get flower chocolate molds and make your own colorful flowers. For example, if you have a mold that includes a flower and a stem, pour some melted pink crayons on the flower part of the mold and then when it’s partially dried, pour the green wax on the stem area. You can also add details by painting small streaks of red on the mold and let it dry before pouring in the pink wax. Try to make these flowers in different colors!

5. If you want to give these molded crayons as gifts, you could use chocolate boxes or you can even make your own from cardboard! Paint each box with any color that you like. Stick a label on the box and then wrap it up in a ribbon.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial:


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