DIY Tutorial: Cute Gifts To Say “I Love You”

DIY Tutorial- Cute Gifts To Say 'I Love You' DIY Tutorial: Cute Gifts To Say “I Love You”
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These cute gifts could be perfect for Valentine’s Day – however, you can give gifts to people at any time and tell them “I love you”. Sometimes, a surprise is better than when it is expected! They can be your parents, your siblings, your friends, and even your mentors and teachers. Give them something that they will truly appreciate.

Here is a tutorial by HeyKayli that will teach you how to make sweet gifts.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Picture Frame
2. Wooden Letters
3. Scrap Book Paper
4. Mod Podge
5. Paint Sponge
6. Scissors


1. For your husband/boyfriend: If you plan to make the picture frame as a gift for your husband or your boyfriend, you can change the scrapbook paper to something that’s more masculine. Try using acrylic paint and paint a couple of coats on the picture frame. Allow the paint to dry. Get some scrapbooking materials at a crafts store and choose items that are sentimental for you (or things that remind you of the sweet times you spent together).

Decorate your frame with these and then choose a photo from your Instagram that is most memorable for you. Attach this photo on your picture frame and give it to him along with a short but sweet letter, explaining the story behind the sweet gift.

2. For your equally single friends: Instead of using scrapbook paper to cover your wooden letters, why don’t you print out a collage of photos of the special moments that you spent with your friends and stick them on each wooden letter? Get the ones that correspond to the first letter of the name of each of your friends. Give these wooden letters to them. You can also choose to give small bags filled with candies.

3. For a Family Member:
For Your Mom: Gather a few beautiful dried flowers and set them on your picture frame.
For Your Dad: If it’s possible, try to get an autographed card or picture of his favorite artist/personality and have it framed.
For Your Sister: If she’s a big fan of a celebrity or an artist, you can get a T-shirt and print it out with a picture of her “idol” and then have it framed.
For Your Brother: Get him tickets to a concert or a sports game. Save the tickets along with a few other items and then have them framed.

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