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I always used to look forward to family time when I was younger. We’d do all sorts of fun activities together – such as movie nights and camping trips. I found this really awesome tutorial by Creative Carmella that will teach you how to make a family tree wall art. It’s such a unique project that I just had to share this with my family. I hope that you’ll also try this activity with your own family! The link to the full tutorial follows after our comments and suggestions.


1. This tutorial will teach you how to create tree branches with your handprints. If you want your trees to be more personalized, try to draw a small rectangular shape on each of the tree trunks. Draw small details that will make them look like wooden labels and then on each label, ask your family members to write their names on their “tree”.

2. You can also make “wooden” picture labels! All you have to do is to cut a rectangular piece of paper and make sure that it fits in your tree trunk. With a pencil, draw a smaller rectangle in the middle of the paper. Go over the outline with your box cutter and remove the inner part of the sheet. Paint the frame in a light brown shade and wait for it to dry. Once dried, draw curves and loops to create the illusion of wood.

3. You can also add a “varnished” effect by coating the frame with some Mod Podge. Wait for it to dry. Meanwhile, print out selfies of each of your family members (don’t forget yours!). Make sure that the size of the pictures will fit inside the frame. With your picture facing right side up, apply glue on the edges and then stick it to the frame. Glue the frame in the tree trunk.

4. Add more texture to your artwork by sticking some buttons or pearls and ribbons. These will serve as the “fruits” of your tree.

You will definitely have so much fun with this project!. Clicking on the link (via web archive) below for the full tutorial!

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