Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork (Crafting With Twinfants)

Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork (Crafting With Twinfants)Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork (Crafting With Twinfants) – Image To Repin / Share
Image – sawdustandembryos.com

Kids grow up so fast that sometimes you’d just wish that they would stay cute and adorable forever. While we may not escape the fact that they will eventually get older, we can still do something to help us remember the time when they were still babies…

Here is a unique tutorial by Sawdust And Embryos that will show you how to make a beautiful artwork by creatively using your baby’s footprints! The link is after our comments and suggestions.


1. This DIY project is pretty simple, but you can make it more elaborate by adding more colors and accents. Experiment with different colors and patterns for the butterfly wings – you could look at some pictures of real butterflies for ideas.

2. For something fun, try to cut a small picture of the baby and use it as the head of the butterfly.

3. If your babies move a lot, protect your sheets with a layer of scrap paper and then place another sheet of cloth over it (one that you don’t mind getting dirty).

3. Tree Print -Draw a figure of a tree and its branches. Add details if you want. Press a bright green stamp on your baby’s feet and stamp the footprints on top of the tree. Make them look like the leaves of the tree.

4. “You Are My Sunshine” – Print out a picture of your baby and cut it in a circular shape. Place the picture in the middle of your canvas. Stamp your baby’s feet yellow and then stamp the edges with an orange color (this will create a nice gradient effect). Arrange the footprints like the rays of sunshine. Draw bumble bees, balloons or clouds.

5. Add more texture to your artwork by adding paper beads or crystals. If you have older kids, you can let them make their own works of art by stamping their handprints on the canvas.

6. You can practice making your artwork by drawing a basic outline on a sheet of scrap paper. Use a pencil for this so that you can easily erase any mistake and you won’t have to waste extra sheets of paper.

Create moments and memories by making something that your kids will surely appreciate when they grow up!

Ok here is the link to the full tutorial:


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