Spring Flower Kids Craft Tutorial

Spring Flower Kids Craft TutorialSpring Flower Kids Craft Tutorial – Image To Repin / Share
Image – ladycrafter14.blogspot.com

Spring is always such a beautiful season because of the variety of flowers that are in bloom. Celebrate the loveliness of spring by making your own decorative spring flowers! If you have tissue rolls at home, you can cut them up and make some pretty daisies out of them! What’s good about this tutorial is that you can also get your kids involved!

1. This project is great for school-age kids. You may allow younger kids to paint the flowers but don’t let them handle sharp objects. Keep these tools out of reach.

2. This DIY project is also great for decorating a kindergarten classroom. Make a few flowers and place them in a tall glass or bottle and then place them in an area where kids won’t be able to accidentally bump into them and cause them to fall over and break.

3. Flower Name Tags – Cut circle shapes out of a thick piece of paper. Stick one paper circle on the middle of the painted daisy flower and let it dry. Attach strings or ribbons to create a necklace. Use these name tags for birthday parties!

*Alternative: If you want a more unisex version of this, you can paint the tissue roll with a bright yellow acryclic paint. Stick the paper circles in the middle and you will now have a sunny sunshine name tag! You may add touches of orange to create more depth to your name tags.

4. Gift Toppers – Instead of buying yards of ribbon to decorate your presents with, try using these DIY daisy flowers as gift toppers! Place them on the top of the box. You may choose to add tiny bits of glitter to create more glam and sophistication.

5. Picture Flowers – Print out head shots of your family or friends and make sure that the size will be able to fit the middle of the flower. Stick these picture flowers on a piece of decorative paper. Have this framed and you will have a super cute 3D framed flower picture!

Ok, here’s the link to the full tutorial: http://ladycrafter14.blogspot.com/2011/03/springy-flower-kid-craft.html

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