Leftover Food Hacks

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Leftover Food HacksImage – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g6eor_7BKQ

Don’t know what to do with the pile of leftovers from last night’s party? Watch these smart food hacks to know how to reheat your leftovers the best way and still get that deliciously good taste as the first time around. We recommend that when you store leftovers in the fridge, follow some guidelines for proper food storage. This will help you to make sure that these foods will last a long time. Happy eating! 🙂

Ok, here’s the video:

Your Ultimate Guide For Fabric Stain Removal (In One Simple Chart)

Your Ultimate Guide For Fabric Stain RemovalInfographic – amazinghometips.com

Removing stubborn stains is a very annoying task. It may take time especially when you don’t know the proper way of removing them and worst, you may even damage the fabric. But worry no more! We are here to help you with your problem. We created this simple chart that will surely guide you in doing this task.

*We highly recommend using natural alternatives, for some products are very toxic to use.

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Up-High Garage Shelves

Up-High Garage ShelvesImage – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhnVvcLsp-8

Want some easy solution for your garage storage problems? Here it is! These up-high garage shelves are perfect for the vacant spaces up high your garage walls. These will surely maximize the space area of your garage. However, you need to take note before starting to build these shelves, make a plan first. Check if the walls can handle the weight of the things you plan to place on the shelves to avoid future inconveniences. It’s best to consult a professional.

Watch this great video tutorial that will serve as your ultimate guide on how to build the perfect up-high garage shelves: