How To Make A Stained Glass Butterfly

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We usually associate stained glass with beautiful church windows and other buildings. It’s traditionally made in flat panels but nowadays, artists also use stained glass to make three-dimensional structures and sculptures.

Stained glass can be bought in different shades and colors. It’s quite similar to creating mosaic art. These works of art can also be made at home! Armed with the basic materials, you can make beautiful sculptures like this beautiful 3D stained glass butterfly made by karalnz. It’s a very inspiring tutorial but there is a certain toolkit that is needed for stained glass…

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Templates for Your Stained Glass Project
2. Sharpie
3. 3 pieces Stained Glass
4. Glass Cutter
5. Breaking-Grozing Pliers
6. Glass Grinder
7. Copper Foil Tools
8. Tools for Soldering
9. Tweezers
10. Flux and paintbrush
11. Fine Brazing Rod and Side Cutters
12. Needle Nose Pliers


1. This video is really inspiring. It just proves that nothing will stop you from doing seemingly difficult tasks. It just puts everything into perspective!

2. It’s very important to prioritize safety when it comes to handling glass and other materials for this project. You need to wear safety glasses because if the eyes are left unprotected, they will be at risk for injuries. You will also need to wear gloves so that your hands are safe from the sharp glass and the heat of the solder. Work in a well-ventilated area. Line your working area with an old towel and a large piece of glass or tile. Store your tools and materials properly so that small kids won’t get their hands on them and cause accidents.

3. Try to get a basic butterfly template online and determine how much material you would need to get. Here’s a tip: buy at least 25 to 50 % more glass than what is needed for your project.

4. This butterfly sculpture can be displayed anywhere (keep it away from small children though!) and you can even use it to accentuate other decors.

5. You can reuse the extra glass pieces for a mosaic tile project!

OK, here’s the video: