Video: How To Make Your Own Charms

Video - How To Make Your Own CharmsVideo: How To Make Your Own Charms
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Gears aka. cogs are of course parts of a rotating machine and are well known by all. Even though they were more used in old machinery than modern inventions, they can still be found in many appliances and other moving objects that we have right now, such as “analog” watches! Prior to a few years ago, these items weren’t really considered as any sort of a fashion accessory – however, since the arrival of the Steampunk fashion craze, anything with gears and other unlikely “retro” machinery has become popular and cool.

Check out this video by TracysTreasures24 – it will change the way you look at them! These gear charms can make any decorative item look so vintage-y and cool.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Shrink Plastic (Aleene’s Shrink It)
2. Gear Masks (you can use gear stencils)
3. Pen or Sharpie
4. Exacto Knife
5. Scissors
6. Versamark Watermark Stamp Pad (for embossing)
7. Embossing Powders
8. Scraps of Paper
9. Shiny Sheets of Paper
10. Heat Gun
11. Tweezers
12. Screwdriver


1. Shrink Plastics (or Shrinky Dinks) are made of large flexible sheets that shrink to small hard plates without changing their color or shape. They were invented in 1973 by two housewives. They were sold at a local shopping mall and became really popular among kids. These were soon licensed to be manufactured by major toy companies and the rest, they say is history.

2. Embossing Powders are made of finely ground plastic. They create a 3D like texture when melted. There are many colored embossing powders that you can get at arts and crafts stores but you can also get them online.

3. These plastic gears can be used to decorate your scrapbooks or you can even make a bag or clothing accessory out of them! Get creative – use various chains and attach other charms to make the chain look more interesting and unique.

4. You can also make other charms. Try looking for other interesting shapes or you can even apply different colored embossing powders on simple shapes like stars and hearts to make your charms look pretty.

5. Make sure that you’re working on a well-ventilated area. Place a cardboard or old newspapers on your working table to protect it from staining or any kind of damage.

6. You can also stick these gears on books or notebooks. Decorate your room with these DIY’d notebooks. It will add a personal touch to your space!

Use your creative juices and make these pretty vintage-looking gears.

Ok, here is the video: