How To Make A Giant 3D Paper Snowflake!

How To Make A Giant 3D Paper Snowflake!How To Make A Giant 3D Paper Snowflake! – Image To Repin / Share
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When you look at a snowflake under a microscope, it looks so beautiful because of its unique yet symmetrical pattern. Perfect order and perfect chaos – combined! Snow is amazing stuff.

Many people decorate their homes in winter by buying or making their own versions of the snowflake. Some people stick snowflake designs on their windows to make ther house resemble that of a “winter wonderland”. This tutorial by Wikihow will teach you how to make 3D paper snowflakes!

This tutorial uses basic materials but you can always jazz it up by adding your own twist. Here are some more ideas:

1. The 3D paper can get easily crushed so you can choose to use thicker paper. This may be a bit of a challenge to make but it will help make your snowflakes last longer. Use a sponge brush and dip it in Mod Podge and coat your snowflakes to give them a beautiful shine.

2. You don’t have to make these snowflakes during the winter. You can make these “snowflakes” look more star-like and appropriate for other seasons by painting them in different colors. Try dipping the tip of your brush with a few acrylic paints and use the splatter technique to add color to your snowflakes. Make a few of these pieces to decorate your room. You can also add glitter to these colorful snowflakes to add more oomph to your decoration!

Another idea is to wrap a few barbecue sticks with floral tape. Attach a stick at the back of the colored “snowflake”. Make a bunch of these snowflake sticks and stick them in a recycled glass bottle.

3. Try making smaller snowflakes and use them as gift toppers

4. Make a themed corkboard and place it on your wall. During the winter stick winter themed items. Make a few of these 3D snowflakes to make your room more appropriate for the winter season! You can also stick on memorable winter pictures to remind you of the fun times that you had with your loved ones!

Try to make these 3D snowflakes at home to create your own winter wonderland!

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