How To Make A Seashell Mosaic Table

How To Make A Seashell Mosaic TableImage –

If you want to have the feeling of having an eternal summer in your room, why don’t you go for a summer/beach theme? Look for bright colors and fun summery accents that will turn your room into a wonderful, relaxing haven! Many of you might find it a bit intimidating to decorate your own room (especially when you think of the cost to create one), but you can actually make unique pieces with just a bit of DIY magic dust!

Here’s a tutorial by Debi’s Design Diary that will teach you how to make an amazingly beautiful seashell mosaic table that will add more character to your summer themed room!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Small Table
2. Seashells and Starfish
3. Sand
4. Tile Adhesive and spatula
5. Hot Glue Gun
6. Crinoline Skirt
7. Paint (for the table)


1. You don’t have to buy an expensive table for this project. All you have to do is to look for any garage or yard sales within your area so that you can get one that will fit your budget. Goodwill is also a great store to look for awesome finds. You can also check out online shops like eBay.

2. Instead of painting your table white, try painting it in an aqua shade like ultramarine/ turquoise/cobalt blue. This will enhance the Neptunian theme and the beauty of the seashells and starfish – and you can always add gold or silver spray!

3. You can also choose to paint your seashells in different colors to create a beautiful mosaic art. You may need to paint the rest of your table white so that the colored shells will stand out more.

4. If you have an old chair, you can use it as a decorative accent for your room! Repair any broken parts and paint it in white or any summery shade. Cover the chair with your seashells. Use this DIY’d chair for your potted plants or use it to hold your books, pictures or scented candles!

5. If you don’t have seashells, use flat pebbles instead! Your table will look just as good!

OK, here’s the video: