DIY “Magic Potion” Pendants

DIY Magic Potion PendantsDIY “Magic Potion” Pendants
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When you think of magic potions, you probably imagine witches brewing all kinds of spooky ingredients in their bubbling cauldrons. This video by WonderlandWardrobe will teach you how to make unique (and quite harmless) magic potion pendants that will create a mysterious and cool, gothic edge to your look! I just love these.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Small Bottle
2. Clear Glue
3. Liquid Dye
4. Wire
5. Beads
6. Chain Kit
7. Eye Pins
8. EMbellishments


1. These are very unique pieces that will add spice and a “showpiece” to an outfit. Try wearing white, black or cream colored tops. These will make your potion pendants pop.

2. If you want to dress up as a witch for Halloween, these pendants will really enhance your look even more.

3. You could also try buying miniature bottles and making a kind of charm bracelet. Make your potion pendants as directed in the tutorial and use a bracelet chain and attach your jump ring in one of the loops. You can also use other embellishments if you want to have some sort of variation.

4. Allow the glue to dry first before closing the cork. You can get a toothpick and touch the top of the glue. If it’s hard, then it’s already dry. You can also secure the top by applying a little bit of strong glue on the rim of the bottle.

5. If you want to make your potion pendants look more whimsical, choose lighter colors like pink, turquoise, yellow or sky blue. Paler colors can be achieved by using a lesser amount of dye. If you want your pendant to exude a mysterious feel, choose darker colors… simply add more dye to achieve this.

6. You can use a dropper to control the amount of dye that is mixed in the glue. It’s better to use liquid dye because it can be easily mixed in the glue.

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