DIY: How to Make a Faux Bed Canopy

DIY - How to Make a Faux Bed CanopyDIY: How to Make a Faux Bed Canopy
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A long time ago during the Medieval times, canopy beds were used for utilitarian purposes rather than for extravagance. Attendants used to sleep in the same room as their masters – and the lords and noblemen of Medieval Europe would usually have canopy beds installed where you can completelely enclose the bed. This creates some privacy and also helps retain warmth. These beds were perhaps not really aesthetically pleasing to begin with but as the years went on, more and more people started to do some carved work on their headboards and their beds soon became more ornate.

Nowadays, canopy beds are generally for decorative purposes and to add a cosy sense of security (though perhaps they could double up as mosquito protection!) and sometimes they can get really expensive. However, this DIY tutorial video by Meg Stone will teach you how to create a stylish and dreamy Faux Canopy Bed that won’t cost you a lot of money!

Tools and Materials Needed:
1. Muslin, tulle or similar light diaphanous fabric
2. Heavy Duty Stapler
3. Ladder

1. Important – be sure that it is ok with landlord / property owner before stapling things to wall or ceiling! Also, some wall materials such as plaster may not hold staples and they might end up causing damage to the plaster.

2. Muslin cloth is made of loosely woven cotton fabric. Air can
move easily through the clothing, which thus makes it suitable for warm and dry climates. The structure of the muslin cloth also creates such a dreamy, girly vibe in your room.

3. You would need to measure the size of your bed so that you can determine the length of muslin that you would need for this project.

4. Try to use colored muslin cloth. You can also put three different colors together to create a kind of candy colored canopy bed. This will look great in a young girl’s bedroom.

5. Try to attach some crystal beads on the rose “knots” to add more oomph to your faux canopy bed. This could create the illusion of “falling rain”. If you want, you can also print out pictures and stick them on squares of recycled paper. Punch a hole at the corner and attach a string of twine. Poke a small hole through the muslin cloth – perhaps with a knitting needle. Insert the twine and tie it securely. Leave a space in between the pictures.

Ok, here’s the video: