DIY Tutorial: How To Color Tint A Mason Jar

DIY Tutorial- How To Color Tint A Mason JarDIY Tutorial: How To Color Tint A Mason Jar
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Mason jars have always been used in a wide variety of ways. The most common is of course for storing food. Jars can also be used as lanterns to give light to their homes at night. We discovered a super tutorial by thegreenworkbench that will teach you how to color tint your mason jars so that they will exude such an amazing light to your home!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Mason Jars
2. Decoupage Glue Sealer or Mod Podge
3. Food Coloring
4. Old Table Spoon
5. Plastic Cup
6. Tin Foil
7. Paintbrush (optional)


1. Try to use a paintbrush to help distribute the color inside the jar. Don’t forget to protect your work area with old newspapers or cardboard.

2. Use battery-operated lights to make your lantern last longer. You could add more decorative items. Try to cut out different shapes and figures (use a sheet of black paper for this) and stick them on the inner part of the bottle. Then place your battery-operated candle in the middle and you will have a shadow effect lantern! You can also cut out letters and spell out certain words and names.

3. These tinted glass jars are good for crafts projects only and it’s not really recommended to store food. If you want to use these jars to store candy, get the ones that are individually wrapped.

4. Room Decor Idea: If you love rainbows, you will surely love this idea! Get 7 mason jars and tint each jar with a color from the rainbow. Once they’re done, arrange them in order and use them to store your valuables. You can also stick in a few faux flowers.

5. These tinted jars will also look great for your centerpiece table. Place some faux leaves and flowers inside the jar and place your battery operated lights in the middle.

6. If you want to put fresh flowers inside the mason jar, try to get a smaller jar that can easily fit inside the bigger mason jar. Place some beads or crystals in between the spaces. Fill the smaller mason jar with water, add fresh flowers and there you go!