How To Make A Round Pendant From Newspaper Flyers

How To Make A Round Pendant From Newspaper FlyersHow To Make A Round Pendant From Newspaper Flyers
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If you have stacks and stacks of old newspapers or flyers that just take up space in your house, why don’t you repurpose them instead of throwing them out? You can get a lot of use out of them! You can even create surprisingly gorgeous accessories!

This video DIY tutorial by Hectanooga1 will teach you how to make pendants such as those in the image – out of newspaper and cardboard!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Cardboard
2. Newspaper or Catalog Pages
3. A bottle cap or any item that you can trace your shapes into
4. Paper Clips
5. Glue
6. Tissue
7. Scissors
8. Old Paintbrush
9. Colored/Metallic Pens


1. If you don’t have any paper clips, you can still use any bendable wire. Make sure that it’s thick enough so that it doesn’t come off the top of the pendant. Make sure that you use a lot of glue and let it dry completely so that the paper clip is quite secure.

2. Try using a couple of layers of Mod Podge after you’re done making your pendant. This will add a beautiful shine.

3. Try making mini-pendants to create your own charm bracelets! Use smaller paper clips for the eyepiece. Get a jump ring and attach it to a chain bracelet.

4. If you have sheets of scrap paper, use them to wrap your cardboard shapes. You can also use colored ink and small stickers to make your pendants look more amazing. Another great idea is to use a small string of beads to decorate the edge of the pendant.

5. Print out pictures of famous cartoon characters and cut them to size so that they will fit with the size of your pendants. You can give these necklaces to your niece/nephew/son/daughter.

6. You can use tissue paper, torn gift wrapping paper, and other recyclable materials to make these unique pendants!