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“Retro” is a term that is used to describe aspects of modern culture which are consciously derivative or imitative of trends, styles or attitudes of the past. A lot of people love incorporating retro elements to their fashion styles (and even home decor) because they add character and personality, as well as memories of good times.

This tutorial by The Glamorous Housewife will teach you how to create a retro-style clutch that will look so great with any outfit! The link follows after our commentary / extra tips.

This tutorial requires you to sharpen your ninja sewing skills, so you may need to practice with simple stitches [1] before doing the project. Try to practice with some scrap clothing materials. You will also need to have a good quality sewing machine.

Here are some more ideas that will really make your retro clutches look more unique:
1. Do The Carrie Diaries – If you’ve seen the first episode of Carrie diaries, you may have witnessed Carrie Bradshaw’s DIY moment with her mom’s black bag. You can actually do the same thing with your clutch bag! Use a black material to make your clutch and sew the bag as directed in the tutorial. Next, line your table/working area with some newspapers. Grab a few bottles of brightly colored nail polish. Load up the brush with polish and start splattering the color on the bag for that 80’s look.

2. Button Up – Another idea is to stitch some interesting buttons on your bag. You may arrange them in a corner. You can get these buttons in many arts and crafts stores. You can also use button pins!

3. Flower Power – Try to get your flower brooches and pin them on the bag. You can also make roses out of strips of cloth and sew them in place!

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial: (archive version)