DIY Tutorial: Massage Candles!

DIY Tutorial - Massage Candles!DIY Tutorial: Massage Candles!
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Working hard all day long can make your mind tired and your muscles tense. A massage will really help relax. It also temporarily takes you away from the stress and demands of work. We discovered a DIY tutorial by Soap Queen TV which will teach you how to make special massage candles that you can use to moisturize your skin! The warm and relaxing scent will really soothe your tired muscles!

The tutorial also includes great tips that will help you make perfect massage candles all the time!

Here are a couple of ways to package these candles:

1. Box ’em Up – Save up old boxes and use these to store your gifts! Paint your boxes with a pastel-colored acrylic paint and let them dry. Take a box and fill it with your massage candles. Close the box and tie it with twine. Attach a note and you’re done!

2. Basket of Goodies – In a small basket, place a small scented candle, your homemade massage candle, and a CD that contains relaxing music. Give it to your loved one and offer to give him/her a relaxing massage.

Here is a basic back massage technique:

1. Create a relaxing ambiance. Dim the lights, light some candles and play some relaxing music. Prepare the bed.

2. Place a pillow underneath the breastbone and place a folded towel underneath the forehead. Make sure that the neck is straight. Take another towel, fold it and place it under the ankles.

3. Inform the person that you’re about to perform the massage and then pour some of the melted massage candle wax on the palm of your hands and rub your hands together.

4. Start from the lower back and spread the oil up to the shoulders and the neck (avoid touching the spine). Do the same process a few times.

5. Use your knuckles to apply gentle pressure to your back muscles (avoid touching the spine). Do this a few times and then repeat step no. 4.

Ok, here is the video: