How To Make A Jewelry Box Clutch (Great Gift Idea)

How to Make a Jewelry Box ClutchHow To Make A Jewelry Box Clutch
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Box clutches make your formal outfits look more sophisticated. They are generally considered fit for special occasions. Did you know that you can make your own box clutch with recycled material? We discovered a video tutorial by Ann Le that will teach you how to create beautiful box clutches! Your friends won’t even know that they’re just made out of old boxes! 😉

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Old Good Quality Boxes (i.e Perfume Boxes, Pastry Boxes, etc)
2. Painter’s Sponge
3. Acrylic Paint
4. Gloss finish Glaze
5. Decorative Embellishments Like Crystals, Rhinestones, etc
6. Glue Gun + Glue
7. Heavy Duty Scissors, Cutter or Rotary Cutter


1. You don’t have to buy new rhinestones and crystals to embellish your homemade box clutch. Try looking for old bracelets and necklaces and use these pieces to decorate your box!

2. If you’re more into the tribal, ethnic styles, you can use native beads or strips of fabric! Use a good craft glue to stick them in place.

3. If you plan on using the box clutch as a decorative element to your room, try using 8mm sequins! Start by applying a small strip of glue on the edge of your box and line pieces of sequins together. This may take some time but once you’ve covered the whole box with sequins, you will have such a fancy looking bag that will instantly make your room look more glammed up!

4. If you have fabric at home, you can use it to decorate your bags. You could try cutting strips. It’s even better if they are in different colors and textures! Use a glue gun to secure each strip in place.