DIY Floating Bookshelf Tutorial

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Do you get tired of facing a blank wall each and every day? Putting up wall decor and framed pictures are some of the usual things that you’d use to bring life to your walls. But if you want to add more character to your wall decor, why don’t you try creating “floating book shelves”?

We discovered a great tutorial by Felicia Kramer that will teach you how to make floating book shelves that will definitely add a whimsical charm to your room decor! The link to the full tutorial follows after our comments and suggestions.


1. If you don’t want to use your actual precious books for this project, you can look for old hardbound books at thrift stores that have interesting titles. If you don’t like the color, you could paint them according to the color palette of your room. You could make a stencil template of the title that you want to write on the side of the book. Try to use positive phrases like “Nuggets of Happiness” or “Live, Laugh, Love”, or a short quote, or some other memorable title. Stick the template on the side of the book and paint a gold metallic paint over the template. Once the paint has slightly dried, remove the template.

2. If you want to create a stack of books, make sure that the second book is smaller and thinner than the first one. Use a good glue to stick the books together.

3. For homes that have pet cats, make sure to set the shelves a bit higher so that the cats won’t be able to reach the shelves and cause chaos! Keep any chairs or tables away from the shelves so that the cats won’t use them to reach for the floating books.

4. Try to add more color to your decor but make sure that it blends well with the color of your room. For example, if you have a pink wall, try to get different colored faux flowers but make sure that you include blooms that are in the same general color palette as your wall.

5. Complement your floating bookshelf with a 3D picture frame. You can try doing mosaic art. You can also make a magnetic picture frame. Stick a sheet of metal on your picture frame and fill it in with your magnet collection.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial: