DIY Double Ring Chandelier

 DIY Double Ring ChandelierDIY Double Ring Chandelier – Image To Repin / Share
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In old times people used to struggle for enough light after dark. The invention of candles and oil lamps enabled people to light up their homes somewhat. Eventually, people utilized chandeliers that enabled them to light up a whole room brilliantly. Then came the light fixtures of the modern era – however chandeliers are still widely used and enjoyed.

The earliest chandeliers were used by the wealthy during the medieval times. They were made of wooden crosses with spikes on which candles were secured. They were lit and then hoisted to a suitable height on a rope or a chain. I am immediately thinking of medieval sword fights with swashbucklers swinging from chandeliers… Eventually, chandeliers became more ornate and the lights transformed from candles to gas lighting and finally to electricity. These fixtures are perennially popular and can instantly make your room look so beautiful!

We discovered a post created by our friends at Design Salon Online that will show you how to make your own double ring chandelier at home! The link follows after our comments and suggestions…

1. The overall design of the chandelier in the tutorial is a bit simple but you can always jazz up your own chandelier! You can paint it in a shade that you like. You can even paint it in a metallic color if you want it to look more elegant – or if you have the skills and resources, utilize other materials.

2. Try to make your room look more whimsical by setting up a chandelier! Decorate the room in a way that will go well with your light fixture. Get lamps in the same shade as the frame of the chandelier or add metallic decor if your chandelier has metallic accents.

3. Create a nice vintage look to your chandelier frame by painting the wood with white paint or any metallic shade. Once dried, use sandpaper and sand the surface of the painted wood. This will add to the vintage look of your light fixture. Add a coat of varnish to give more life to your vintage-y chandelier.

Fun Fact: According to Guinness World Records [1], the largest chandelier (named Reflective Flow) is found in Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi & Co building in Doha, Qatar. It weighs an astonishing 39,683 pounds (18,000 kg) and contains 165,000 LED units.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial: