DIY Pop Tab Bracelet

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Did you know that it used to take a lot of effort to open a canned beverage? They had to use a can piercer (also known as church key) for them to be able to quench their thirst. I remember seeing similar openers being used for cans of condensed milk.

Then in 1959, Ermal Fraze created the pull tab, a device that enables you to open your beverage cans with ease. However, these were less than ideal as the tabs had no way to stay attached and these small, sharp pieces of metal were a hazard for wildlife. Nowadays, the pop tabs stay fixed to the can – unless they are manually detached, that is.

Pop tabs make life easier for us, but of course take these things for granted. We throw them away. You could save these pop tabs and use them for all kinds of DIY projects. We discovered a tutorial by Taking Off At Nine that will show you how to make a surprisingly elegant bracelet made out of Soda/Pop tabs! The link to the full tutorial is after our comments and suggestions…

1. Classic Touch – Try to paint your pop tabs gold. You can choose to paint each tab by hand or you can just spray them all at once. Line your working area with some newspapers and give them a wonderful golden sheen. Once the paint has dried, string them together with a black ribbon. Wear this bracelet alone or combine it with other gold jewelry.

2. Shimmering Beads – Grab some crystal beads at a craft store. As you start making your bracelet, insert a bead before adding the next pop tab. Use a longer piece of ribbon for this because the beads can take up a bit of material.

3. Experimenting With Different Textures – If you feel that you’ve already got the hang of making these bracelets, try to experiment with different fabrics for ribbons, such as lace, satin, etc. You can also use the scraps from upcycled T-shirts!

4. Tie Dye Madness – Tie dye shirts are fun to wear during the summertime. With a plain white shirt, dye your shirt in different colors. You can also cut up the sleeves to make a cool muscle shirt. Cut the scrap fabric into strips and use them as ribbons for your pop tab bracelets. You will now have a bracelet that will go well with your shirt!

5. Charm Bracelet – If you love making pretty things out of polymer clay, use them as charms for your bracelet.

Check out Taking Off At Nine’s tutorial by clicking on the link: