Mason Jar Solar Lights

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You might find it a little expensive to get extra lights for an outdoor party. Candles are cheaper alternatives, but they won’t last long. If you want to find better options, why don’t you try this tutorial by Garden Therapy? It will show you how to make mason jar solar lights! They create such a wonderful glow at night. The link to the full tutorial follows after our comments and suggestions…


1. Here are some tips that will help keep your solar lights lasting longer:

a. The rechargeable batteries found in your solar lights have their own expiration dates so you will need to have them replaced once they’ve been used up. You will know when the batteries are about to run out when the lighting time decreases or if the light doesn’t shine as brightly as before. Another way to check the batteries is to replace them with a regular one and see if it’s working.

b. Clean solar panels on a regular basis. Dust and other residue will greatly affect the charging procedure. Make sure that it is directly exposed to sunlight when you’re charging.

c. Take out the batteries if you’re not using the solar lights for some time.

2. If you want to add color to your lights, paint the mason jar with some glass paint. Try to line different colored mason jars on your pathway. It will make your house look more festive.

3. You don’t even need to buy brand new mason jars. You can use empty jam/preserve jars that you have at home.

4. If you are holding an intimate outdoor party, why don’t you use these mason jars as place cards/party favors? Make a small note card and then punch a hole at the corner. Write the guest’s name on the card and then use a piece of twine to attach the card to the ring of the mason jar. Decorate the rim of the jar with flowers or ribbons.

*You can also use a permanent marker to write the guest’s name on the upper part of the jar.

Chekc out the full tutorial to make your own mason jar solar lights by clicking on the link below: