Upcycled Sweater: Cat Bed

Upcycled Sweater - Cat BedUpcycled Sweater: Cat Bed – Image To Repin / Share
Image – elizabethskitchendiary.co.uk

In modern times many of us treat our pets like they’re a part of our family, and that’s why we give them all the love and care that we can offer. However, caring for our pets can get a little costly, especially if we buy accessories like clothes and toys.

We found a tutorial by Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary that will show you how to make your own dog or cat bed from an old sweater! The link follows after our comments and suggestions…


1. This DIY could also be seen as a cushion, rather than a cat bed – and it can therefore also be used for other things. You can use it as a fluffy addition to your daybed or reading couch.

2. If you don’t have super old sweaters at home, you can raid your mom or your grandmother’s closet! Make sure of course that these sweaters are items that they wouldn’t mind giving away. You can also search for sweaters at thrift stores and garage sales and may find them for pennies!

3. Comfort is always a priority when it comes to making beds for your pets. You may need to choose sweaters that are soft and gentle to the skin.

4. If you want to make a pretty display pillow, you can sew in some decorative buttons or beads. If you are good at doing embroidery, you can make beautiful artwork on your pillow.

4. Quilted Pillow – Try to grab different kinds of fabrics. Use different patterns and textures. If you don’t want the design to look so messy, try to use one printed fabric and then choose any color from the palette. Get one textured fabric, and another one in cotton or satin (or anything that you have available). Draw a geometric pattern on a piece of paper and use it as a guide. Cut the fabric into pieces and arrange them on the pillow. Sew them in place and you will now have a nice looking quilted pillow!

5. Scented Pillows – Choose a scent that will really help you feel calm and relaxed. Fill a small muslin bag with some potpourri or scented herbs. You can also make your own potpourri by mixing dried woodchips with essential oils of your choice.

Ok, check out the full tutorial for how to make your own cat bed (or decorative pillow) by clicking on the link below!