DIY Tissue Poms And Flower Gift Toppers

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Here’s another DIY project that will make use of your crafting skills! These mini tissue poms are great to use as gift toppers! This tutorial by Lia Griffith will teach you how to make them!

This DIY project makes use of tissue paper (some people also call it Japanese paper). It’s a thin paper that is often used as a filler for gift boxes and paper bags.

You can also use tissue paper for various decorations. Try making clouds for your themed parties [1] These will look great for kids’ parties and baby showers.

Aside from using your Mini Tissue Poms as gift toppers, here are some more decorating ideas that will help give life to your room!

Flower Toy Mason Jars – If you have cute little toys and they’re just lying around your room, why don’t you put them in a pretty neat display with the use of mason jars? Take one empty jar and fill the bottom at least an inch of the way in with sand or pebbles or even some beads and crystals that you can get in an arts and crafts store. Make your mini poms and insert a couple of them inside the jar and place a few toys. Arrange them in a way that you prefer.

Flowery Sphere – Make mini tissue poms in different colors. Stick them on a small styrofoam ball until you’ve covered all of it. Fill a vase with some crystals or sand and then let the flowery ball sit on the rim of the vase. Make sure that it sits well so that when you move it, it won’t easily roll off.

Flowery Picture Frames – With some craft glue, cover your plain old picture frames with the mini tissue poms. It will make your picture frames look so gorgeous!

An Arts And Crafts Gift Set – If you know someone who’s crazy about arts and crafts, you can make a bunch of these mini poms and keep them in a jar or a box. Put this box in a small basket along with a few scrapbook items, a set of acrylic paints, and other crafts. Give this basket to your friend and she will be delighted!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial: