Back To School DIY Notebooks & Folders

Back To School DIY Notebooks & FoldersBack To School DIY Notebooks & Folders
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There are a lot of decorative school supplies that can be bought in stores nowadays but they can get pretty expensive. So if you want to dazzle up your notebooks and folders, we found a video tutorial by Michelle Jonesy that will show you how to make them look amazing!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Regular Notebooks, Spiral Notebooks, and Folders
2. Glue
3. A Set of Paint Colors
4. Brush
5. Scrap Fabric Material
6. Ruler


For Regular Notebooks:

1. Use different kinds of colored and patterned tapes and line them up to create an interesting pattern. The tape will make your notebook more waterproof. You can also try to create a juxtaposing effect by applying more strips of tape on the corner of the notebook in a diagonal manner.

2. Tear off different colors of tissue paper. Paint the surface of the notebook with a light coat of glue. Take your scraps of tissue paper and cover the notebook with them. It’s best if you use contrasting colors so that your notebooks will look prettier.

For Spiral Notebooks:

1. Instead of covering the entire surface of the notebook with fabric, try to cut it into strips and use a weaving pattern. Apply glue with every “weave” of cloth so that it sticks on the notebook better.

2. Add more meat to your design by gluing crystals, flowers, or other embellishments. You can even stick a compact mirror on your notebook (use a strong glue for this) so you can still check yourself out while in class!

For Folders:

1. You can also use T-shirts and other collared shirts for this project. If you don’t want to give away a shirt that is of sentimental value, you can use it to style your folder!

2. Try to use dried leaves and arrange them neatly in the folder. Once the glue has dried, lightly coat the surface of the leaves with Mod Podge. This will create a wonderful sheen.

Feel free to decorate your school supplies. The possibilities are endless! Ok, here’s the video: