How To Make All-Natural Soy Candles

How To Make All-Natural Soy CandlesHow To Make All-Natural Soy Candles
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Nowadays, it’s possible to buy candles in innumerable different scents and designs. Depending on your preference, you can get something aromatic that will make you feel warm and relaxed. However, some candles contain artificial scents that aren’t good for you and some candles are made of paraffin wax, a product derived from petroleum.

So if you want to use all-natural candles, why don’t you try ones that are made from soy wax? There are lots of benefits that you can get from using soy wax. It is a natural, renewable source and it’s also biodegradable. Also, because of its lower melting point, soy wax burns slower than conventional candles. We found a great video tutorial by Bill Binder that will teach you how to make your own all natural soy candles!


1. Use essential oils that are all-natural. Try using oils that will make you feel so relaxed. Lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and ylang-ylang are some of the scents that will help promote relaxation. You can also try your own scent combos.

2. Try layering colors to make your soy candles look more interesting. Take out a set of containers and prepare your ingredients. Divide your ingredients into three parts so that you can get an even amount of wax and scent for each color. Prepare the bottom layer first. Once it’s poured on the containers, insert the wicks as instructed in the tutorial. Wait for the bottom layer to dry before applying your second layer. Once the second layer is cooled and hardened, pour in your third layer.

3. Use different heat-proof containers for your candles! Try using mugs, or pretty teacups and glasses. These will be perfect to give to your friends and loved ones!

4. You can also enhance the scent of your soy wax by adding some dried herbs or fruit rinds. If you are a fan of citrus scents, you can finely chop some lemon and lime rinds and mix them in your melted wax.

These soy candles will surely light up your room and your senses! Ok, here’s the video: