How To Make A Beach Rock Rug

How To Make A Beach Rock RugHow To Make A Beach Rock Rug
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Rugs come in different shapes and patterns but it can be a bit daunting for you to look for the perfect one that will go well with the theme of your room. If you want to go for an awesome summer vibe, we found a great video tutorial by Celine Vautour that will teach you how to make a beach rock rug and will give you the chance to recycle your old clothes and blankets!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Canvas, Denim or Any Sturdy Material
2. Fleece Blanket
3. Sewing Kit
4. Scissors
5. Rubber Fabric


1. This is a really easy tutorial to do. The beach theme will add a super cozy, summery vibe to your room. You can try to make a smaller version of this so you can have a decorative rug to place on your tabletop or shelves. Then why not expand the theme and add more decor? Try using an old fishbowl, place it on the rug and add bright tropical flowers (you can use faux flowers for this). Another idea is to fill the fishbowl with sand and then place some Hawaiian figurines or a small toy ship inside.

2. If you want to make a flower rug, you can use the same technique that was taught in the tutorial but this time, you would need to cut your material into thick strips (you can change the thickness if you want to go for a more textured look). Roll one strip of fabric into a coil until it resembles a rosette pattern. Use a needle and thread to secure the flower into place.

Repeat the process for the other strips of fabric. Another idea is to cut the fabric into petals and then sew the petals on a patch of fabric. This process may be a bit tedious, but it’s all worth it in the end. Your patience will definitely pay off!

3. If you are into sweets, you can make your rugs look like jellybeans! Bright and shiny fabrics are best for this project. Use fillers to help create the right shapes. You can even add accents by making a Jelly Belly stamp. Stamp it on some of your “jellybeans”. This will make your rug look so realistic. it would seem like you made giant-sized versions of your favorite sweets!