DIY Lace Masquerade Mask

DIY Tutorial Lace Masquerade MaskDIY Lace Masquerade Mask
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Masks have great cultural significance in almost all parts of the world. Masks have been used for various ancient rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations since very ancient times. In the modern world, we use masks for different themed parties and other occasions.

A masquerade is a party or assembly of people who are required to wear masks. In old-time masquerades, it was fashionable to wear a highly ornate mask that can be held with one hand (via a stick or stem attached to one side of the mask). In modern times, it is more typical to wear a mask that you can just secure behind the ears with thin elastic. One of the world’s most famous masquerades is the “Carnevale” of Venice, which takes place each springtime.

So if you’re going to attend a masquerade party, are planning to host one, or just want to have some mask-making fun – we found an easy video tutorial by Aodhamair that will teach you how to create your own lace masquerade mask!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Lace Mask Template
2. Saran Wrap
3. Tape
4. Black Netting
5. Scissors
6. Ribbon/Elastic for the Strap
7. Glue Gun and Glue Stick
8. Black Spray Paint
9. Nail Polish
10. Cosmetic Glitter
11. Other Embellishments


1. Using ready-made templates will make it easier for beginners to follow the tutorial but you can always have the freedom to make any pattern that you like. Measure a piece of paper and then create a rough estimate of the size of the mask that will fit with your face shape. Use a pencil to make an outline of the mask. Once you’re satisfied with your template, you can then go over the pattern with a pen.

2. Black and Gold – There’s just something mysterious and glamorous to this color combination. Try to get gold lace trimmings and line the edges of your mask. Use additional gold rhinestones and crystals to make your mask sparkle. Finish off with a black lace strap or ribbon.

3. If you’re done using your mask, don’t just throw it away! Place it on your dresser or on your shelf. Add more embellishments and you will have something that you can use for your room decor! You can even use it as a gift topper if you want your gift boxes to look more elaborate!

Try making this surprisingly easy masquerade mask! Ok here is the video: