DIY Simple Bow Making

DIY Tutorial Simple Bow MakingDIY Simple Bow Making
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If you want to make something that will make your gift boxes look extra special, you can make pretty bows and use them as gift toppers! The featured video tutorial by MissTargetChic will show us how to make some with ease! You can use these bows for all kinds of different projects too! Once you get the hang of making these beautiful bows, we have some more fun DIY ideas!

Tools and Materials Needed:
1. Ribbon
2. Wire
3. Scissors
4. Glue Gun and Glue Stick


1. Make your bows look more lively by sticking some crystals and rhinestones on them. Try using gold crystals with a black bow or silver crystals with a blue bow. Whatever floats your boat, your bows are going to look amazing with these embellishments!

2. Try to attach some hair clips or hair pins on the back of your bows so that you will have your own handmade hair accessories! Make the bows smaller if you want them to look more toned down and pick soft-colors for the material. If you want to use this for dressier occasions, you can stick ornate charms or pearls on your bows.

3. If you are all for making your backpacks look more feminine, try to look for a bag that has a vintage print. Check out the color palette that was used in the print and pick a shade that you will be using for your bows. With your material, create the bows as indicated in the tutorial. Stick on a few embellishments and then sew the bows on your bag. Add decorative buttons and more crystals to make your backpack look more lively and 3D.

4. Get a thick hair tie that you can comfortably wear around your wrist (some hair ties can be too tight). Make small bows and sew them on the hair tie. You will now have a pretty bracelet that can double as an emergency hair tie!

Go ahead and try making your own bows at home! You can definitely use them for lots of DIY projects. Ok here’s the video: