How To Make Your Own Rucksack

How To Make Your Own RucksackHow To Make Your Own Rucksack
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Rucksacks (a.k.a. Backpacks) are quite useful especially for those who love (or are required) to carry a lot of stuff. During the ancient times, a backpack (usually made of animal hide and skin) was used as a means to carry a hunter’s prey because it makes it easier for him to travel at large distances and also have hands free, which would help in survival scenarios of various kinds.

Nowadays, backpacks are generally used for traveling, for field work and for school. Students are often seen wearing them because of the number of books and school supplies that they have to carry every school day. There are a lot of backpacks that come in different shapes and sizes to fit your personal needs and style preference.

We found a great video tutorial by CRAFTAMY that will teach you how to make your own rucksack!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. 1 Yard Exterior Fabric
2. 1 Yard Interior Fabric
3. Accent Fabric and Lining
4. Vinyl
5. Strap Material with Strap Loops
6. 5 Buttons
7. Sewing Machine and Sewing Materials
8. Interlacing
9. Scissors
10. Sewing Pins
11. Seam Ripper
12. Ruler


1. What’s cool about this project is that you get to be creative with your design. You won’t be able to bump into someone who has the same kind of bag as yours! You can make use of different materials to make your bags look unique. This project may be a bit challenging for beginners but with patience and practice, you will be able to make something that looks good enough to be sold at a store!

2. You can practice making these bags by using cheaper material. If you make any mistakes that can no longer be fixed, you can still use the material for other projects. Try making a small pouch for your make up tools or even a wallet!

3. If you are into embroidery or you know someone who can do it for you, try to have your name or initials embroidered on the accent fabric. You can also use beads!

4. If you want to make your bag look funkier, try pinning a series of safety pins on the edges of your bag or any areas that you prefer.

5. Embellish your bag with button pins or different kinds of decorative buttons.