DIY Studded iPhone Case

DIY Studded iPhone CaseDIY Studded iPhone Case
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There are tons of phone cases being sold online and even in our favorite retail stores. The more elaborate the design is, the more expensive it gets. So you might prefer to jazz up a plain one than getting something that costs twice as much. We found a great video tutorial by Sarah Belle that will teach you how to create a studded phone case!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Ruler
2. Pen
3. Plain iPhone Case
4. Super Glue
5. Flat Bottom Studs

Here are some more awesome ideas:

1. Flower Power – Get a floral design phone case. Grab some pearls and small faux flowers at an arts and crafts store. Get an E6000 glue and stick the pearls and flowers on the back of your case. This creates a 3D effect.

2. Strips of Fabric – Get small strips of fabric in different colors and textures. Try to get a black or white iPhone case for this so that the colors will stand out better. Use a strong glue to stick the strips of fabric side by side.

3. Vintage Hidden Gems – There’s nothing like having a phone case that is super unique. Try to get a simple solid colored phone case. Get a small compact mirror. Stick a picture of old Hollywood actors or actresses on the cover of your compact mirror. Use a good amount of glue so that your compact mirror adheres to the back of your phone case really well. Add more decorations on your cases like stickers and crystals.

4. Magazine Cover – Cut up some pictures from magazines and stick them on your iPhone case. Make sure that the entire case is covered. Get some Diamond Glaze and coat the surface of your case. Wait for it to dry before using.

5. Mosaic Art – Get some colored beads and sequins. Draw a pattern on the back of your case with a pencil. You may also choose to draw your initials. Stick the beads or sequins on your case according to the one that you envisioned in your pattern (you can draw it on a piece of paper so you will have something to serve as a reference).