How To Make A Burned Glue Steampunk Barrette

How To Make A Burned Glue Steampunk BarretteHow To Make A Burned Glue Steampunk Barrette
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Metallic accents make everything look extra chic and sophisticated. You don’t have to use actual metals in order to get this look. You can create the illusion of metal with the use of brown paper and tacky glue… yes, glue! During the 1960’s, Katy Ogle (one of Aleene’s designers) was testing Aleene’s glues for flammability. She discovered this technique by burning the glue over a flame.

Check out this cool video tutorial by Cool2Craft that will teach you how to make a burned glue steampunk barrette!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Brown Paper
2. Tacky Glue
3. Old Paint Brush
4. Candle
5. Twizzlers
6. Cloth or Wet Wipe
7. Barrette
8. Metallic Paint


1. You can be very creative when it comes to designing your barrettes. This steampunk barrette is very pretty but you can also make your own designs. Draw butterflies, bows, or anything that you like! You can add more embellishments by sticking some rhinestones on your barrette.

2. You can use this technique to make other accessories and decor! Try a circular flat pendant. Get your brown paper and shape it into a circle or an oval shape. Create a hole at the tip so you can have something to stick your jump ring in. Follow the burned glue technique as indicated in the tutorial. Meanwhile, print out a vintage looking picture or a beautiful scenery. Resize the picture so that it will fit inside the pendant. Make sure that it is smaller than the size of the “metallic” pendant. Glue it in place and then coat the entire thing with a layer of Diamond Glaze. Wait for it to dry. Add more embellishments if you want it to look extra gorgeous.

3. Make cute cell phone charms with this technique! If you don’t want to use gold and silver metallic paint, you can use other jewel tones like sapphire, emerald or ruby.

4. Use this technique to make your own mask for Halloween or a masquerade party! Cut the paper into a design that you prefer. Make sure that it will fit well with the shape of your face before burning the glue.