How To Make Your Own Skater Skirt

How To Make Your Own Skater SkirtHow To Make Your Own Skater Skirt
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Some of you may wonder… where did skater skirts come from? The answer is actually simple: Skater skirts originated on the ice rink where female skaters would wear a similarly full skirt. These skirts create fluidity and drama on the ice.

Skater skirts are so versatile. You can either dress them up for formal events or you can also dress them down on casual days.

These skirts create a slim and feminine silhouette. It hugs you at the waist and it makes your legs look longer. You can get these skirts at any clothing stores but you can make one at home. Armed with basic sewing skills, you can turn a beautiful fabric into an expensive looking skirt! Here’s a video by Q2HAN that will teach you how to make one!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. 1 1/2 Yard Fabric Material
2. 1 Zipper
3. Measuring Paper Used For The Template
4. Ruler
5. Pen or Pencil
6. Sewing Kit
7. Sewing Pins
8. Sewing Machine
9. Clothing Iron
10. Tape Measure


1. The key to making high-quality skirts starts with the material. Always get good quality material and try to experiment with different textures and patterns. You can use juxtaposing patterns for the waistband and godet.

2. If it’s your first time making this skirt, use a cheaper (but wearable) material first. If you make a mistake, you can always make something smaller out of the material.

3. Style Tip: You can make it seem like you spent hours styling your outfit by choosing clothes that are in different textures. A lace top tucked inside a denim skater skirt will instantly make you look so sweet and feminine. Accessorizing is also important so that it makes your outfit stand out beautifully.

4. For more ideas on how to style these skirts, try to check out different fashion blogs or look at the style section of your favorite magazines. Be adventurous with your style. Be confident with what you’re wearing because who knows, you might become the next trendsetter!

Ok, here’s the video: