How To Resin Embed Anything!

How To Resin Embed Anything!How To Resin Embed Anything!
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A resin is a synthetic or natural compound that starts in a highly viscous state and then hardens with treatment or over time. Because of its unique qualities, resins are used in numerous preservation and decorative techniques.

This lovely video tutorial by LittleWindowsResin will teach you how to embed any materials of your choice for any of your craft projects!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Things That You Want to Embed (fabric, glitter, beads, etc)
2. Little Windows Resin and Hardener
3. Molds
4. Template
5. Dust Covers


1. Embed Dried Flowers – If you have lovely blooms during the spring, why don’t you pick a few flowers and dry them up? Use the flowers for this DIY project. Here are some tips for pressing your flowers:

a. Choose flowers that don’t have a round stem or bud. Use flowers like pansies and lilacs. These are great to use for pressing!

b. Place the flowers on dry paper like newspapers or tissue papers. Arrange them neatly and then cover them with another sheet of paper.

c. Use a heavy book or object to press the flowers. Make sure that the weight that you’re using will evenly cover all of the flowers. During the end of the first week of pressing, replace the flowers with new sheets. Press the flowers again for another week or so. Once they’re dried, use them for many DIY projects!

2. Embed Your Initials – On a small piece of paper, cut it in a size that will perfectly fit with your resin mold. Take a pencil and write your initials. This will serve as your outline. Take some glue and stick small beads on the outline. Once done. wait for the glue to dry. Place this in your mold and pour your resin mixture over it.

3. Embed Tiny Toys – If you have tiny toys, small lego pieces, and small FIMO charms, you can have them embedded in the resin. Once you’ve made a bunch of these, stick them on your picture frame. This will instantly make your frame look more interesting!

You can embed all sorts of things with resin. Have fun and experiment with different textures. Ok, here is the video: