DIY Tutorial: Phone Case

DIY Tutorial  - Phone CaseDIY Tutorial: Phone Case
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These days there are a lot of shops that sell different kinds of phone cases. You can definitely get one that will fit with your personality! But we found a great video tutorial by Lisa Pullano that will teach you how to turn simple and sometimes boring phone cases into dazzling pieces that will surely elicit oohs and ahhs! 😉

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Any hard phone case
2. Pencil
3. Scissors
4. Decorative Paper
5. Mod Podge
6. Sponge or Foam Brush
7. A sheet of tinfoil
8. Embellishements (beads, crystals, etc)
9. E600 glue
10. Small Brush
11. Krylon Matte Clear Acrylic Coating


1. If you have a small handheld or pocket mirrors, you can stick them on the case with a strong glue. You can also choose to decorate your pocket mirrors that will go well with your phone case.

2. You can also use different fabrics for your phone case! You can use lace, canvas, cotton, and even wallpaper! Cut the fabric according to size and use a strong glue for this. Fabrics would look better when decorated with pearls and crystals. This will really make your phone case look so chic!

3. Try using popsicle sticks to make your phone case look even more unique. Measure and cut the popsicle sticks according to size so that they will fit the phone case really well. Paint the surface of your popsicle sticks with a little bit of varnish and let them dry. Use E600 and arrange your popsicle sticks so that they will completely cover the case. Decorate your phone case with some boho style beads.

4. Cover your case with pastel colored decorative paper and then decorate it with faux flowers and leaves.

5. Simple Splatter – Cover your case with white (you can also use cream or black) paper. Get some bright colored nail polishes and then do the Jackson Pollock (a famous painter known for his unique style of painting) by splattering the color on the case. You may need to protect your working area for this method because it’s going to be messy.

These DIY phone cases are perfect to give to your friends or if you are entrepreneurial and come up with a great design you could also make more so you can sell these online! Ok, here’s the video: