DIY Indoor Garden: Cactus Terrarium

DIY Indoor Garden - Cactus TerrariumDIY Indoor Garden: Cactus Terrarium
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We found a really easy video tutorial by Ann Le that will teach you how to make a cactus terrarium that’s not only perfect for room decor, it’s also a great gift to give to your friends!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Stones
2. Moss or Shells
3. Air Plants
4. Potting Soil
5. Charcoal
6. Glass Containers


1. Air plants are easy to maintain and they don’t need much water. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind:

a. Make sure that there’s good air circulation.
b. These air plants don’t need much water but they do need to be misted at least once a day. Pour some water in a spray bottle and spritz the plants a couple of times.
c. Keep your plants in partial shade and fertilize them at least once a month.

2. It’s best to use glass containers that have a wide opening so that your plants can breathe well. If you have used candle containers from Bath and Body Works or Yankee candles, you can use them to make your cactus terrariums.

3. If you want to go for a summer themed look, this project will be perfect for you. On a table, place a summer themed rug, get an empty fishbowl and fill it with pebbles, potting soil, and charcoal. Add your air plants. If you have space left, try to get summer themed figures like a small toy ship or make a small banner.

4. If you want something to make your room look more alive, try some potted plants in different areas! If you’re not blessed with a green thumb or have the patience to take care of them each and every day, try getting air plants instead! These air plants are so easy to maintain and they will surely bring more life to your room decor!

5. If you’re planning to give this plant to someone, attach a small note that will give him/her some instructions on how to take care of it so that the plant will last for a long time.

Ok, here’s the video: