How To Draw A Realistic Eye (Time Lapse)

How To Draw A Realistic Eye (Time Lapse)Image –

People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Some people can tell what a person is feeling by just looking into his eyes. When it comes to drawing realistic figures, many find it difficult to draw the eyes. Here’s a tutorial by markcrilley that will teach you how to draw a realistic eye!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Drawing Paper
2. Watercolors
3. Paintbrushes
4. Art Pencils


1. Drawing a realistic eye can take a lot of time and patience. Try to use up every space so that you won’t have to waste fresh sheets of paper whenever you make a mistake.

2. If you love drawing anime characters or make feminine silhouettes, you can turn your creations into works of art! If you feel a little adventurous, you can try an Andy Warhol inspired drawing of a pair of eyes using bright colors!

3. Once you got the hang of making realistic eyes, you will find it easier to draw humans! Try making a pretty silhouette of a girl and add flowers and other pretty colors as the background print. This will look great on canvas bags and T-shirts! Try to look for inspiration online!

4. Watercolors can be a bit challenging for beginners. Here are some tips:

a. Use light pencil marks to create a simple outline of your desired design.
b. Make sure to keep your brush damp so that it will be easier for you to transfer the colors on your paper.
c. You can also use the wet on wet technique. Lay your paper on a surface and use a damp sponge to wet the paper. This technique creates a beautiful gradient effect when the colors come together.

5. If you’re not used to using watercolors, you can still use drawing pencils. They come in different types. There are pencils that give a lighter shade and there are pencils that give a darker shade. Play around with these pencils so you can get the hang of creating light and shadows on your drawings.

OK, here’s the video: