DIY Mason Jar Lantern (Easy)

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Mason jars are turning into such an awesome trend lately that they are used for many DIY projects. These jars look so rustic and eco-friendly. Some people use mason jars to decoratively store food and some people use them as cool centerpieces.

This tutorial by The Sorry Girls will teach you how to make mason jar lanterns that will make your home look extra fancy!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Cord with Built-in Socket (can be bought at Ikea)
2. Mason Jar/s
3. Lightbulb
4. Metallic Spray Paint
5. Hammer and Nails
6. Pen
7. Pliers


1. Spruce up your mason jar lanterns by painting them in different colors. If you are great at painting sceneries, you can paint a pretty picture on your lantern! This will look especially beautiful at night. If you are hosting a party, these mason jar lanterns will really make your decorations look extra chic!

Try to look for glass paints and follow the instructions on how to use them. Some paints require baking so that the color stays on the glass permanently.

2. If you want to use the mason jars to light up your tables, try using a battery operated LED light. These lights are safer to use especially if you’re planning to add easily combustible decorations like leaves, decorative paper or sticks.

Try to decorate your mason jars according to your preferred theme. Here are some ideas:

Spring/Easter – Try to pick some pretty blooms from your garden. The more colorful they are, the better they will be. Arrange them inside your mason jars. For Easter, try to add a few boiled quail eggs and place your battery-operated light in the middle of the jar.

Weddings – White flowers are always perfect for weddings but you can also add pretty ribbons and lace. You can even make fluffy mini poms out of tissue paper!

Pretty Candle Holder – Paint your glass jars with your favorite color and then insert a candle inside. Place this jar on a small tray filled with sand or dried chopped wood to add a pretty decorative effect.

OK, here’s the video: