DIY Eco-Friendly Hobo Bag From T-Shirt

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If you’re the type of person who loves to bring a lot of things with you wherever you go, try to use a hobo bag! Hobo bags are great to carry around. They are typically large and are characterized by their crescent shape. They have long straps that you can be worn over the shoulder. These features make it easier for you to do your errands.

Here is an awesome DIY tutorial by ThreadBanger that will teach you how to make a hobo bag from an old T-shirt!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Extra Large Men’s T-shirt
2. Scissors
3. Ruler (Optional – if you want to be precise)


1. This is a pretty easy tutorial! Try to look for cheaper but good quality shirts at a thrift store. You can actually use the technique from the tutorial to make your own upcycled shirt! Upcycling shirts can be loads of fun. They are perfect for the beach as a cover-up. If you want to create a muscle shirt, try to use large T-shirts for larger armholes.

2. Choose interesting printed shirts for your hobo bag. Make sure that the knots are tight so that nothing will slip out of your T-shirt hobo bag. You can store any liquid-based products in Ziplock containers so that the product won’t spill out.

3. You can choose to get white T-shirts and tie-dye them so that your bag will look so perfect for the summer! Here’s how:

a. Lay the shirt flat on a table. Put your thumb and index finger in the center of the shirt. Twist the area in a circular motion, spiraling the shirt around the center point. Use rubber bands or strings to tie the shirt. Repeat the process in other areas.

b. Do the dyeing process. Wear a pair of gloves before doing this process so that the color won’t stain your hands. The dyeing process can be a bit messy so you will need to protect your working area.

c. Once you’re finished dyeing, let the colors soak through before rinsing it off.

4. Try to create more character for your DIY’d bag. Get a bunch of safety pins and create a line along the edges of your bag.

5. You can also use unique buttons or beads to decorate your bag!

OK, here’s the video: