How To Make Your Own Mosaic Tiles

How To Make Your Own Mosaic TilesImage ––o7diaRvw

Mosaic is the art of making images by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. The earliest known examples of mosaics were found at a temple building in Abra, Mesopotamia. These are dated to the second half of 3rd millennium BC.

This video tutorial by Hobby Hot Tips will teach you how to make mosaic tiles that will make your house decor look extra special!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Tile Plaques
2. Colored Glass Tiles
3. Tile Nippers
4. Weldbond Glue
5. Grout
6. Scraper
7. Gloves
8. Safety Glasses
9. White Vinegar
10. Scrubber
11. Acrylic Paint
12. Paintbrush
13. Pencil
14. Towels and Bowls
15. Gloves


1. Since you will be cutting up pieces of glass tiles for your mosaic art, wear protective glasses because there’s a tendency for the cut tiles to fly out. Since you will be using your hand to keep the tiles from flying out, wear a padded glove. Don’t forget to protect your work area as well.

2. If you’re not good at drawing and you want to veer away from using letters or numbers, you can try doing geometric designs. Use a pencil to write different shapes and decide what colors you’re going to use for each space. Try to use different shades of tiles per color so that your art will look more unique. You can also try making waves and stripes.

3. Try drawing a very simple picture (you can ask someone to do this for you) on your tile plaque. Choose the colors that you want for this and then start placing your tiles. You will now have something that will look very interesting when seen from afar.

4. Contrasting Textures – Pick a pattern that you like to use for your project. Take two plaques and do your mosaic art. Meanwhile, take a canvas frame that’s in the same size as the plaques and paint it in the same pattern as the tiles.

5. You don’t have to use tiles in order to achieve the mosaic effect. You can use other things such as scraps of colored paper, dried leaves, sticks or bottle caps! All you need is a good glue and you’re good to go!

OK, here’s the video: