How It’s Made: Decorative Candles

How It's Made- Decorative CandlesHow It’s Made: Decorative Candles
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Our love for candles goes all the way back to ancient times – however, in those days, a candle was a simple device to provide light at night. Nowadays, candles come in all kinds of decorative shapes – and smells! Most people love the scented varieties because these candles can make their houses smell so good.

Hand-Carved candles can be so beautiful that you almost feel bad for lighting one up. These candles are made of several layers of colored wax and are elegantly patterned. It might take months training for someone to carve a beautiful candle successfully to a “pro” standard – however, this video by Moe Sal will teach you how these decorative candles are made!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Containers of Different colored melted candle wax
2. Wick
3. String
4. Hook
5. Tools for Carving
6. A Container of Cool Water
7. Star Shaped Candle Core
8. A cookie-cutter like mold


1. Start with a white, star-shaped candle core.
2. Dip the candle in clear wax and then in yellow wax.
3. Dip this layer in cool water to slightly harden the wax.
4. Continue the process with different colors. This may take up to 30-35 layers. This process makes the candle core warm and easy to carve.
5. In the middle of the layering process, deepen the bottom part of the cavities, creating deeper grooves.
6. Continue dipping the layers until you’re done.
7. Before carving, cut out the drippings at the bottom of the candle core. You can make another candle out of the drippings.
8. Working quickly and efficiently, carve the candle accordingly.
9. Press a cookie-cutter like mold at the middle of the candle core. This will allow the wax to melt at the middle during lighting. This will also preserve the beauty of the carving.
10. Spin the candle on a hot pan to even out the bottom of the wax and stick on the label.
11. Finish off with an acrylic glaze.


1. Carved candles are so beautiful that they looked like magical lanterns when lit.

2. Try looking for candle carving lessons/classes so that you will be able to learn how to make your own candles at home. Once you start getting good at carving, you can give your candles as gifts or even try your hand at selling them.

Ok, here’s the video: