DIY Light Up Balloons

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LED lights are now used almost everywhere because of that ‘instant sparkle’ they can add to a room. But if you use them in unusual, amazing ways…. you will have something that will elicit oohs and aahs from your guests! So you’re going to love this one…

We’ve found an awesome tutorial from Instructables that will teach you how to make your helium balloons light up in the sky (or your ceiling)! This is such a great idea to use for themed parties and one theme that instantly came into my mind is an 80’s themed party! It’s the kind of party that just bursts with bright colors, crazy hairdos and outfits!

If you’re planning to host an 80’s themed party here are some party ideas to help you get started:

1. Use LED Lights as Part of Your Party Decoration – try to make use of LED lights in lots of ingenious ways. Why don’t you try making your own umbrella lights? [1] You can hang a few lighted umbrellas in strategic places. You can also make your own table cards with LED lights! [2] It will just make your party look more lively!

2. Create an 80’s Music Playlist – Fill up your playlist with a bunch of 80’s hits. These songs will surely bring out your feelings of nostalgia!

3. Download A Bunch of 80’s Music Videos or Clips Of 80’s Movies – Create a montage of clips and have them displayed on your TV screens.

4. Have an 80’s Themed Photo Booth – If your budget permits it, you can buy a few polaroid cameras and get extra film. Ask someone to man the “photo booth” so you and your friends can get a picture as souvenir!

5. 80’s Party Favors – Search for candies or toys that were quite famous in the 80’s. You can DIY some of them or you can also get some 80’s themed party favors online.

6. Think of Games And Prizes – Try to ask your friends to come in their best 80’s costume and give out a great prize for the one who wears the best!

One more tip – you could place these LEDs in all kinds of other spots – not just balloons. What else can you think of? What about hanging them from threads in bushes or trees, so they look like magical fireflies?! 🙂

Here’s the link to the full tutorial: