DIY Hobo Bag From Shirt In 5 Mins!

DIY Hobo Bag From Shirt In 5 Mins! DIY Hobo Bag From Shirt In 5 Mins!
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Hobo bags are large and are characterized by their crescent shape, slouchy posture and long straps designed to wear over the shoulder. They are usually made out of soft, flexible material. These bags are great to use during the summer time and because they are quite roomy, you can stuff a lot of things in them!

This super-easy tutorial by AndreasChoice will teach you how to make your own hobo bag that’s made out of your old tank tops or wife beaters!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Tank Top or Wife Beater
2. Hair Ties


1. This is such a great idea to use especially when you suddenly find yourself holding a lot of things and you don’t have a bag to place them in. This video really reminds me of Mentos commercials.

2. If you want your hobo bag to look more glamorous, choose sequined tank tops – and of course, you could decorate it in other ways!

3. You can also place a bag organizer inside your hobo bag to keep your things organized. If you don’t want your Tank-Top hobo bag to get stained, you can use a plastic bag or a Ziploc bag and store your makeup, sunscreen and other liquid or cream products so that they won’t accidentally spill or stain your garment.

4. This DIY hobo bag is also quite functional. If you had an accident that ruined your top, (i.e somebody accidentally spilled coffee on your top), you can get your hobo bag, take out the hair ties and then wear the tank top. It may be a little creased, but it could save the day.

5. To embellish a plain tank-top hobo bag, get a bunch of crystals, pearls or rhinestones at an arts and crafts store. Use a fabric glue to decorate your bags with them. If you want your bag to have a longer sleeve, get a tank top that’s in a much larger size. If you want your bag to have shorter sleeves, get a smaller-sized tank top.

6. You can also create hobo bags out of your scarves! Take a square scarf and tie two opposing corners together.

Ok, here is the video: