DIY Wreath Of Roses From Rolled Paper

DIY Wreath Of Roses From Rolled PaperDIY Wreath Of Roses From Rolled Paper
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A wreath is made up of a ring of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs or any material. There are a lot of symbolic and historical associations that come with wreaths. During the Etruscan civilization (a name given to a civilization of ancient Italy), people created wreaths from gold or other precious metals. Some of these metal wreaths were worn as crowns by Etruscan rulers. In ancient Greece, wreaths were often used to represent a person’s occupation, rank, and even status. The Romans made them woven from branches – such as the famous “laurel wreath”.

Nowadays, we often use wreaths as a form of decoration during special occasions. There are wreaths that you can easily buy at stores but you can also make them at home…from scratch! This video by Hectanooga1 will teach you how to make a unique rolled paper roses wreath!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Sheets of Newspaper (or any recyclable
2. Glue Gun and Glue Stick
3. Scissors
4. Wreath-shaped Cardboard Paper (used as a template)


1. It’s a great idea that she was able to make a two-sided wreath, where one side is applicable for the fall season and the other side is used for the Christmas holidays.

2. You can paint your paper wreaths by using acrylic paint or even spray paint to add color to your roses. You can also use Mod Podge to make them look shiny. Make sure that the paint is dry before adding a coat of Mod Podge.

3. If you want to make a Christmas wreath, try to buy small candy canes and get tiny pinecones. Make a wreath that’s made of green paper leaves. Stick your pinecones and candy canes on the wreath and you’ll have a very cute and festive decor for the holidays!

4. You can also make one to decorate your room. Use colors that go well with the theme of your room. You can also adjust the size by making a smaller cardboard template.

5. Another option is to use your wreath as a picture frame! Print out a nice picture from your Instagram photos. Take a circular cardboard template and set it on your working area face down. Stick your photo in the middle of the wreath (face down) and use tape to secure the picture. Turn the wreath over and finish the decoration by sticking on the flowers and the leaves.

Ok, here is the video: