50+ Things To Make From Old Jeans

50+ Things To Make From Old Jeans50+ Things To Make From Old Jeans – Image To Repin / Share
Image – savedbylovecreations.com

Jeans are of course one of the most basic wardrobe staples. They’re so comfortable and versatile – you can dress them up for smarter occasions and dress them down for casual occasions.

But what can you do with jeans that no longer fit you? Or those that are old and outdated? Well, we found no less than 50 ideas made by our friends at Saved By Love Creations that will show you how to make all kinds of new things you would not have imagined from your old pair of jeans!

Here are some of our top picks!

1. Recycled Jeans Wall Hanging – This craft project gives life to your walls. It’s also very useful for organizing your things. If you want your wall hanging to look more cohesive, look for a printed fabric that will match with the color of your walls. For example, if your wall is in baby pink, look for a printed fabric that has a baby pink accent color. Try to look for vintage designs. You can also add more embellishments by sewing beads or buttons.

2. Recycled Denim Coaster – You can make use of the inside hems of your old jeans and turn them into cool coasters! If you want your coasters to have a more interesting pattern, try to use a mix of white, black and patterned jeans! If you want to make a set of patterned coasters, make sure that each one gets the same amount of material.

3. Denim Coffee Cozy – If you’re having a busy day, you’d usually bring your coffee in a to-go cup. However, to-go cups can get too warm to handle. So, instead of getting a disposable cozy, why don’t you make one of your own? You can have it personalized by sewing letter patches. You can make lettering patches by getting a printed fabric. Cut pieces of fabric and form them into letters that bear your initials. Sew them on the fabric and you now have a denim cozy that’s uniquely yours!

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