DIY Geometric Art Work

DIY Geometric Art WorkDIY Geometric Art Work – Image To Repin / Share
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We found a great tutorial by House Bella that will teach you how to paint geometric shapes that will really bring life to your wall decor! The link follows after our introduction and additional ideas.

For a person who’s not super pro at painting figures (i.e. most of us 🙂 ), geometric patterns can really make your artwork look professional and artsy. It’s quite easy to do, especially if you’re the type of person who loves colors!

Here are some more amazing ideas that will make your geometric art look more interesting:

1. Wallpaper – Try to use wallpaper for your art project. Use painter’s tape to guide you with your geometric patterns and use paint colors that are in the same color palette as that of the wall paper. Try to choose one metallic color and one plain color. The different finishes and textures will really make your artwork pop.

2. Splatter Technique – Lay your painter’s tape in random lines. Paint the canvas with white paint as your base color. Prepare different colored paints. Dip your brush with one color. Take a piece of stick or anything that you can tap with your brush. Lift the stick at least two to three inches away from the canvas. Take your brush and start tapping on the stick. This will create a splatter effect on your artwork. Use several colors as you can. Once done, take out the tape and you now have something that looks so colorful and unique!

*Variation: Try using different colors as your base. Use contrasting colors for your splatter paint so that the colors will stand out.

3. Art Tiles – After removing the painter’s tape. Try to stick art tiles on the area where the tape has left off (use a good glue for this). Place the art tiles side by side (you can also use decorative buttons or other embellishments). This part may be time consuming but this will also make your artwork look more interesting.

Additional Tips:
1. Create thicker and thinner lines with your painter’s tape.
2. Always protect your work area. Line it with sheets of newspaper or cardboard.

Have fun making your own geometric patterns with this easy project. Here’s the link to the full tutorial: