DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier

DIY Paint Swatch ChandelierDIY Paint Swatch Chandelier – Image To Repin / Share
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If you’re decorating your home, you will most likely find yourself going through a lot of paint swatches in order to get the kind of color that will go well with your chosen theme. Once we’re done using these paint swatches, we just tend to keep them and let them gather dust.

We found a genius tutorial by Hey Gorgeous Events that will let you upcycle your old paint swatches into something cool! Isn’t this cool? The subtle color shifts make for a remarkable piece. The link follows after our comments and suggestions.


1. You could of course use other shapes than the circles depicted in the image – what about stars?

2. Once you’re done making the medallions out of your paint swatches, use up the scraps and turn them into confetti. These will light up your party decorations, or you can also use them for scrapbooking!

3. You can also use the techniques shown in the tutorial to create an interesting room decor! For example, you can make a mini hot air balloon. Wrap some colorful tissue paper around your lampshade frame. Tie a string in the middle and connect it to a small basket. Make a couple of these “hot air balloons” and hang them up. Store cotton balls or Q-tips in them… or anything you like, as long as these things aren’t too heavy.

4. Flower “Chandelier” – Make a few paper flowers and use wire for their stems. Wrap some green crepe paper (or floral tape) for each of your stem. Set these aside. Cut the strings of scrap fabric (in a color/pattern of your choice) and wrap them around your lamp shade frame until you can no longer see the wire. Use a strong glue to make sure that the fabric doesn’t unravel. Grab your flower stems and arrange them on your lampshade frame. You can add some pearls to make your chandelier look more adorable. You now have another gorgeous decorative piece for your room!

Give this craft project a try by clicking on the full tutorial below!