Awesome Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Luminary

Faux Stained Glass Mosaic LuminaryAwesome Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Luminary – Image To Repin / Share
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Stained glass is a truly ancient artform, having been around for hundreds of years. Most people associate stained glass with church windows, but the techniques used for creating it can be applied to other art projects and stained glass is now popular in many applications.

There are some decorative home decor pieces that give the same stained glass effect but they can get a little expensive. So why don’t you make one of your own? You don’t really need to bust your wallet for this!

We found an amazing tutorial from Crafts by Amanda that will teach you how to make a faux stained glass mosaic luminary! The link is after our additional ideas.

Here are some more ideas that you can use:

1. Stained Glass Picture Flower Vase – Take a square clear glass vase and then measure the middle part of your vase because that’s where you will be placing your picture. Leave this area open while you paint the border of your vase with your colored glass paints. Stick the picture (with the right side facing out) inside the glass. Use scotch tape to secure the picture in place. Fill in the glass vase with some glass pebbles or sand. You can also add faux flowers.

2. Art Glass Window – Get a set of colored markers that you can easily wipe off with a clean rag. Draw anything that you like, or you can even write some catchy phrases in cool lettering. What’s great about this is that you can easily start over if you’ve made a mistake. Another unique idea is to make a stop-motion project with your glass art.

3. Stained “Glass” Mosaic Vase – If you have opaque vases, try to get some clear plastic sheets and then paint them with your favorite colors (use Sharpie markers for this). Cut them up into different pieces and then use a clear glue to stick them on your vase. Once done, you can coat the entire vase with some Mod Podge or any lacquer. You don’t really have to use pieces of glass in order to achieve the stained glass look!

Try to make your own stained glass luminary by clicking on the tutorial below!