How to Make a Cloud Mobile

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For those who are expecting a baby, or are trying to decorate a play area for their kids, this beautiful craft project by Kestrel Makes will teach you how to make a cloud mobile that will look so pretty for your room decor! The link to the full tutorial follows after our additional tips and ideas.

It can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when it comes to decorating a room. One of the best ways to create a theme is to pick a statement piece and base your patterns and colors on it. For this case, if you want to use your cloud mobile as a statement piece, try to make your room look like a soft, dreamy sky. Paint the walls of the room into a soft pale blue color. You can also choose one wall and paint it with a pretty mural of kids playing with kites or blowing bubbles, or any drawing that you like.

Other additional accent pieces can include large and medium sized white party poms and attach a printed picture of a hot air balloon. These accent pieces will really pull the look together. Try to choose simple furniture so that the decorative pieces will just do the talking. Try to choose pastel colors for toy bins.

You can find cheaper furniture at thrift stores or garage or yard sales. Sand and paint the pieces of furniture if they aren’t in the color that you desired.

Other Tips for Making The Cloud Mobile:

1. Give more texture to your “cloud” by cutting up different kinds of white fabric and then with the use of a fabric glue, cover the entire cloud with these small pieces of fabric.

2. If you want things to look simple but interesting, use textured fabrics for the teardrops like lace or sequins. If you don’t have textured fabrics, try getting pale pastel fabrics and sew pearl beads on it. You can also use glue if you don’t have time to sew.

3. You can also use a pastel color fabric and then cut it up into letters that spell out the name of your baby or any fun and positive words like “play” “smile”, etc. Sew the letters on the cloud.

Check out the full tutorial to create your own cloud mobile by clicking on the link: